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LED Torch Circuit Diagram

This post categorized under Circuit and posted on April 16th, 2020.
  • Circuit Diagram Need of IC 4049 for LED torch Circuit As we know it is impossible to glow three white LEDs in series with full brightness using 5v20mA directly if we connect the LEDs in parallel the value of current will increase and the battery will drain fastly
  • SEE The 1
  • LED based rechargeable torch circuit Fig
  • A simple LED torch circuit that would light up 3 white LEDs from a 6 volt supply and would make your battery last forever is described here
  • The torch can be used as an emergency backup torch or lighting in case of power failure
  • Make 65 mm hole for charging socket and 3 mm hole for red LED as shown in picture
  • LED torch circuit
  • Although the torchs light output is modest it is nonetheless quite sufficient to illuminate a pathway for walking
  • Torch Circuit Diagram

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