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A Schematic Diagram Of The Replication Center Assay Rca Permissive Cells Arefig and Hdmi To Rca Schematic

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  • The proofreading activity of phi29 DNA polymerase ensures high fidelity DNA replication
  • RCA which arises from vectorlogous recombination between Ad5 vectors and HEK-293 cells can be eliminated by the use of PER
  • Rolling circle replication (RCA) is a process of unidirectional nucleic acid replication that can rapidly synthesize multiple copies of circular molecules of DNA or RNA such as plasmids the genomes of bacteriophages and the circular RNA genome of viroids
  • In addition p53 inhibits the replication of Py and papillomavirus origin-containing DNAs in a cell-specific way p53 represses replication of both viral origins in human and Chinese hamster cells but fails to do so in mouse cells (3133)
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  • The chromosomal DNA replication occurs only once during S-phase of cell cycle
  • Rolling circle amplification a versatile tool for chemical biology materials science and medicine
  • infectious replication-defective Env-pseudotyped virus-like particles (pseudovirions)
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RCA Schematic Diagram