Schematic Wiring Diagram

1941 Ford Tractor Wiring Diagram

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  • Wiring Diagrams & Harnesses for Ford Tractors Contributed by Neil Reitmeyer Rob G Don & Derek Barkley Dan Dibbens Ed Gooding and Tyler Neff 9N2N Wiring Diagrams
  • 4 . FIG. 2 Generator A and B electrical circuits defined.. The Ford-Ferguson 9N Tractor Generators . The first 9N generator Ford part number 9N-10000 released on 04201939 is shown in FIG.
  • The resistor or directly to the key switch itself (switched side). This wiring conguration will excite the alternator to start charging when the engine is running at low RPMs. There is a diode in the coil wire that prevents battery drain when the engine is o and
  • INDEPENDENT MANUFACTURERS HARNESS SYSTEMS ( Continued ) We can make wiring harness systems for any American manufacturer (except FORD MOTOR CORP.) but in some cases we will need the original system to research. The following systems are complete with all harnesses and loose wires unless otherwise specified.
  • The complete system contain all standard wiring for the automobile (except spark plug wires and battery cables).Turn signals are standard Packard equipment from 1942 on however we offer them as standard equipment from 1932 on. Wiring for options from 1939 on are in supplemental harness(es) listed at the bottom of the year they were used.
  • The new tractor was the 9N. It was known as a Ford tractor with Ferguson system. The tractor was demonstrated at the Ford farm at Dearborn MiinJune1939Thetractor had the Ford Logo Ferguson system plate and was painted grey. This was Harry Fergusons favorite color. The 9N was quite readily accepted and became popular among farmers.
  • Pedal graphicembly. Uses stock Ford pushrod and boot. All hardware included. EC-410 70.00 kit 1941-48 maStEr CYliNDEr aDaptOr kit Adapts our Mustang or 1967-76 Corvette dual master cylinder to stock 1941-48 pedal graphicembly. Supplied with new push-rod and hardware. EC-415 135.00 kit Master cylinder with EC-410 adaptor shown above right.
  • Truck Restoration Parts Catalogue Southland International Trucks Ltd. 4310 -9th Ave N Lethbridge Alberta T1H 6N1 1941-49 KB1-KB14 1950-68 LRS V Line
  • 155 FLASHER AN UR S I GNA S W I T C HES Flashers and urn ignal witches 155 Clignotants et Commutateurs Palancas Direccionales Destelladores International
  • When and How to Polarize a Generator Polarization is a procedure which matches the polarity for the generator and the voltage regulator by permitting a surge of current to flow through the generator correctly polarizing it. Damage to electrical components can occur if polarities do not match.

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