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Micro Usb Cable Wiring Diagram Usb To Rs Cable Wiring Diagram and Usb Cable Wiring Diagram

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  • USB 1.0 and USB 2.0 shares same connector pinout USB 3.0 pinout features new connectors. A USB device must indicate its speed by pulling either the D or D- line high to 3.3 volts. These pull up resistors at the device end will also be used by the host or hub to detect the presence of a device connected to its port.
  • USB port (2.0) with an optional Micro USB to Ethernet adapter. Each reader port can accommodate a reader that utilizes TTL (D1D0 ClockData) F2F (standard or supervised) or 2-wire RS-485 device signaling (OSDP reader for example) and also provides tri-state LED control and buzzer control (one wire LED mode only).
  • Follow the wiring diagram in Figure1 to connect to a 2-wire half-duplex network. Figure 1 RS-485 2-wire half-duplex diagram RS-485 4-Wire Full-Duplex This communications mode is typically one of the graphics in a mastergraphic RS-485 setup. The RS-485 driver is automatically enabled during each graphicing state on the RS-232 side.
  • Connecting the USB-to-Serial Converter to a PC USB port To connect the USB-to-Serial Converter to your PC USB port first plug the small end of the 6-foot USB cable into USB connector on the front. Then plug the large end of the 6-foot USB cable into your PCs USB port. The diagram below shows this connection.
  • The USB side of the cable is USB powered and USB 2.0 full speed compatible. Each cable is 1.8m long and supports a data transfer rate up to 3 Mbaud. Each cable supports the FTDIChip-ID with a unique USB serial number programmed into the FT232R. This feature can be used to create a security or
  • 3.2 Block diagram USB CAN RS-232 CAN Tranceiver RS-232 Tranceiver Voltage regulator LEDs USB USB Vcc 5V CAN-H CAN-L RxD TxD GND DC DC Inductive coupler Inductive coupler Controller USB D D CAN RD1 TD1 UART RxD1 TxD1 IOs 5V 1 USB plug of type A 2 Electrical separation 3 6-pole DIN socket 3.3 Application example CANfox USB CAN RS-232 1
  • For wiring between the transmitter and sensor verify the maximum cable graphicgth does not exceed 1000 ft (305 m). Ensure that you use the following cables for the different connections
  • Information on mounting and wiring the optional external power supply. Micro810 USB Adapter Plug-in Module Wirng Diagrams 2080-WD001 Information on mounting and wiring the Micro810 USB Adapter Plug-in Module. Micro800 1.5 LCD Display and Keypad Module Wirng Diagrams 2080-WD009 Information on mounting and wiring the
  • Communication connectors. The connector labelled RS-232 Computer connects to the host computer via an RS-232C cable. The connector labelled DH-485 connects to the DH-485 network. Figure 2.1 KF3 Back Panel AND RA CAUTION FOR CONTINUED PROTECTION AGAINST RISK OF FIRE REPLACE ONLY WITH THE SAME TYPE TING OF FUSE. CAUTION DOUBLEFOLD NEUTRAL FUSES
  • Connecting to a PLC A 5 Connecting to a PLC If RS 232C is used for panelPLC connection follow the same steps above only set RS 232C as the PLC and RS 422 as Not Used. 3. Connect the PLC to the panel through the proper cable below. For cable pinouts see page A 15. DirectTouch Cables Family PLC (or other device) Port Cable

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