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Cb Wiring Diagram and Wiring Diagram Boat Kill Switch

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  • Point-to-Point Wiring Diagram GM63943 Sheet 1 12 Sheet 2 13 Schematic Diagram ADV-7602 Sheet 1 7 Sheet 2 8 4-Lead Single-Phase Voltage Connection ADV-5875A-H 5 12-Lead Single-Phase Three-Phase Voltage Connection ADV-5875B-H 6 Accessory Connections GM40726 9 Network Connections GM62629 Sheet 1 10 Sheet 2 11 Note See the Engine Control System
  • Cb 12 yel ignition switch start source start circuit source cc 16 yel alternator alternator warning lamp cd 16 yel oil pressure warning sender oil pressure warning lamp. 070420 wire identification chart report 3593-1 code color from to ce 16 yel water temperature warning sender water temperature warning lamp cf 14 yel rear tv jack power feed switch cg 14 yel
  • Switch switch switch switch switch switch switch switch switch switch 239 403 402 397 398 239 253 242 instr grds instr light power instr power 227 438 spare 145 239 220 249 354 spare spare spare spare 239 132 drl s 5 lt hd lp rt hd lp pnl lp sw acc spare 2 254 ether fuel restrict speedo sensor tach sensor 226 23 a298 circuit breaker 243 42 acc 226 panel light dimmer 13
  • OnOff Switch 3. Ignition Coil 4. Spark Plug 1. 6th Stator winding -- Directly supplies CDI with power. This 6th winding is dedicated solely to providing energy to the CDI. It is easily distinguished from the other windings as it is the only one covered in white wrapping. 1(A). Trigger wire at the stator -- A simple type of crankshaft position sensor. Sends a signal to the CDI to let
  • Stuck oil pressure switch causing shutdown as soon as the start vectoron is released. Dirty air filter causing an excessively rich mixture and smoking. Low oil level preventing starting on models equipped with low oil level switch. Wiring harness damage from rodents chewing on the wires. Corrosion of control board or connections from salty air or road chemicals. Dirty
  • Ignition switch or wiring. 5 Electronic Ignition Troubleshooting Procedure (continued) Step 2 Connect the voltmeter or test light to the negative side of the coil and crank the engine. The voltmeter should fluctuate or the test light should blink indicating that the primary coil current is being turned on and off. If there is no pulsing of the negative side of the coil then

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Motorcycle Kill Switch Wiring Diagram