Schematic Wiring Diagram

Wiring Diagram For Dolphin Electronic Speedometer and Dolphin Gauge Wiring Diagram

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  • Output wire from the sender to the SIG terminal on the gauge. Always consult the service manual for the vehicle you are working on to ensure proper connection. Incorrect hookup will damage the speedometer and void warranty. Please read these instructions carefully. Fig 1. Wiring Diagram Table 1. Wiring Summary Pin Row Notes
  • Dolphin Speedometer Wiring Diagram - Page 25. Read PDF Dolphin Electronic Gages Manual Instruments and Dolphin gauges. Quad 3-38. DK120340 130.00 55-56 Chevy Car Dash Panel Compatible with VDO and Auto Meter gauges. 5 gauge 3-18. DKC210555 150.00 63-65 Chevy Nova Dash Panel Compatible with Clgraphicic In-struments Auto Meter VDO and Dolphin gauges. 5 gauge
  • Read get Dolphin Electronic Gages Manual Dolphin Electronic Gages Manual If you ally habit such a referred dolphin electronic gages manual books that will come up with the money for you worth get the categorically best seller from us currently from several Page 124. Read get Dolphin Electronic Gages Manualpreferred authors. If you want to comical books lots of novels tale jokes and
  • Grammable speedometer included in this kit has a special set of in-stallation and operation instructions. These instructions must be followed carefully to insure proper performance of the speedometer. Gauge Installation Diagram A Proper mounting using VDOs Spin-Lok Mounting Clamp Minimum mounting depth 2 78 (73mm) Speedometer Installation
  • WIRING All of these connections can be made directly to the rear of your electric speedometer Haneline Elite 19Beedepre Dolphin Once gauge is wired to QS1 GPS you will still need to complete the measured mile programming per the speedometer manufacturers instructions. Finishing up by programming your speedometer is so the unit knows
  • 0 511 011 348 electronic speedometer hall effect sender installation instructions and wiring diagram 7udqvplvvlrq type a speedometer 4-wire system 5(7

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Wiring Diagram For Dolphin Quad Gauges