Restoration is possible. We can help heal and restore lives.

Aftercare Our aftercare work focuses on the rehabilitation and care of trafficked or exploited women and children, aiding in restoration and healing for victims. Many of the children and women we help through rescue situations need long-term care and counseling.  XP Missions has a network of partner organizations we work with to provide education/training, medical, counseling and therapy, and long-term residential support and housing, if necessary.  As well, outside of our partner initiatives we have some of our projects focusing on the care and rehabilitation of women and children. We believe in God’s power to heal and restore all.  Each woman and child we work with is expected to be fully restored – physically, emotionally, behaviorally, and spiritually.


Operation Justice Children’s Homes

Children's Home Operation Justice Children’s Homes are intended to be small, restoration homes for trafficked and abused children. As well, some of the homes will specialize in needs for disabled, trafficked children.  Homes will offer long-term residential care in a family environment and will be disbursed throughout the Phnom Penh area and eventually in other key cities throughout the nation. All restoration homes will also link into a “rehabilitation center” (located in the center of Phnom Penh) that will allow XP Missions housed children, along with other Khmer children and those in other NGOs/ministries the opportunity for physical, emotional, and spiritual healing, through various counseling, education, and training services. …more

Operation Justice Rehabilitation Center

Rehabilitation CenterXP Missions is in the process of developing a centralized training and rehabilitation center that will serve to provide necessary physical, spiritual, and emotional healing to abused and trafficked children (also catering to those that may be have mental or physical disabilities – but not limited to that criteria).  The center will specialize in trauma counseling, specifically concerning behavioral and emotional evaluations and programs of healing, along with various therapies, including: speech therapy, physiotherapy, and occupational therapy for those that may have need.  Training and rehabilitation will be provided for all children housed in XP Missions’ Operation Justice Children’s Homes, as well as to the outside community, concerning families, other organizations/ministries, and outside individuals seeking care. …more

Project LIFE

Project LifeThere is a growing need to assist vulnerable and exploited women.  Although there are several organizations that are assisting women in prostitution, many are full or are nearing capacity, few are offering total restoration options (physical, emotional, and spiritual growth models), and there are limited options (in some areas no options) concerning crisis pregnancy and counseling.  Project LIFE seeks to create value for life, by educating communities and protecting the unborn. …more