Cut Free Cambodia

CutFreeCambodia Cut Free Cambodia raises awareness and provides a means to “cut free” Cambodian women from the bonds of poverty, sexual exploitation, and human trafficking. Prostitution is Not a Choice!Cut Free Cambodia is currently being planned as an awareness campaign and hairstylist training program for girls coming out of prostitution. The Cut Free Cambodia program is designed to provide sponsorship for a 6-month, professional training program, offering certification in haircuts, color, and style techniques.  Cut Free graduates will receive help with job placement and further opportunities for business training and education.   The program will also provide God-centered discipleship training, releasing the women in freedom and truth to receive physical, emotional, and spiritual transformation. Cut Free Cambodia, one of our on-the-job training programs, is currently raising funds for the initial start-up and sponsorships. Donate to see young women’s lives transformed and break cycles of poverty and exploitation.

The start of this program depends on resources and raising support of $25,000. Thank you for your support! We could not do this without you.

  • Thanks to YOU we are moving closer to our goal! 67%


Click Here to Sponsor a Woman in Need Now Click Here to Make a Sponsorship Payment Your contribution makes it possible to for the start and on-going work of the program, along with providing the training and materials necessary for women to escape the bonds of poverty and sexual exploitation. Possible sponsorships include:

  • $30USD will provide a training uniform to start one woman on the path towards freedom
  • $50USD will provide training and discipleship materials to support one program attendee
  • $100USD will provide two professional hairdressing kits to help CUT FREE graduates start a small business
  • $330USD will provide uniforms, training materials, a hairdressing kit, daily transport and the first two month’s scholarship for a woman to attend the CUT FREE program
  • $730USD is all it takes to change a life forever! This is the total cost to sponsor one woman to attend the six-month Cut Free program and break free from a life of poverty and sexual exploitation

* Cut Free’s training and discipleship program is expected to begin as soon as funds and resources are in place.


We extend a special invitation for independent stylists, salon owners, and hair product distributors to partner with us to Cut Free Cambodia.

Cambodian girl cutting hair
Encourage clients to support program needs and raise awareness by posting and distributing Cut Free Cambodia flyers (electronic or hardcopy flyers are available) Commit to hosting a Cut Free Cambodia event – Events will raise funds and awareness for program needs.  Salon owners and stylists are invited to donate the proceeds from haircuts (or other services/products) to the Cut Free Cambodia program. These service and product promotional events can occur annually, bi-annually, quarterly, monthly, or as often as desired. Donate new or pre-loved products and styling tools, such as: hairstylist cutting kits, scissors, capes, water sprayers, straightening irons, curling irons, hairclips, combs, brushes, hairdryers, hair products (shampoo, conditioner, hair gel, and hairspray), etc.

As a Cut Free Cambodia Business Partner (any partnering stylist, salon owner, or product distributor) you will receive:

  • Monthly partner updates
  • Partnership signs for your business (2), buttons (3), flyer templates for print (electronic or hardcopy available)
  • Complimentary listing of your business and contact information on the XP Missions website

Click Here to Sponsor a Woman in Need Now Click Here to Make a Sponsorship Payment Click Here to Become a Cut Free Cambodia Business Partner For more information download the pdf or contact [email protected].