Operation Justice Rehabilitation Center

Happy chidren from OJ Rehabiliation CenterXPMissions is in the process of developing a centralized training and rehabilitation center that will serve to provide necessary physical, spiritual, and emotional healing to abused and trafficked children – also catering to those that may be have mental or physical disabilities but not limited to that criteria.  The center will specialize in trauma counseling, specifically concerning behavioral and emotional evaluations and programs of healing, along with various therapies, including: speech therapy, physiotherapy, and occupational therapy for those that may have need.  Training and rehabilitation services will be provided for all children housed in XPMissions’ Operation Justice Children’s Homes, as well as to the outside community, concerning families, other organizations/ministries, and outside individuals seeking care.


Children's hands with painted heartsOur team has encountered several disabled children that have been trafficked, abused, and exploited. When families cannot afford to feed and care for all of their children they often choose to sell the child that they consider to be of least value.  The disabled are misunderstood and the general public, along with most local professionals, are not familiar with nor do they understand persons with disabilities.

Phnom Penh has the largest amount of resources in the nation, and that being said, there are only a few centers that aid in the care and complexity associated with disabled, trafficked children or those that have been abused and exploited.  Although there are some centers that offer therapy for physically handicapped persons and children, there are only a couple that help intellectually disabled children and that help with their long-term care and rehabilitation.

There have been some victories made in the areas of child rehabilitation, related to resources, education, and counseling services available in Cambodia, but few are able to address the compounded complexity of trauma and abuse (as in the cases of trafficking), especially considering those cases related to intellectual disabilities.


Healing and restoration of body, soul, and spirit for disabled, abused, and trafficked children.

1)  Rehabilitation:

  • Emotional and Behavioral – counselling that is specific for trauma and abuse, along with behavioral and emotional counselling options and also offering assistance for trafficked and abused children with disabilities (specifically those with mental disabilities).  Art and music therapy and other tools for emotional healing will also be introduced.
  • Physical Needs – physiotherapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy needs.
  • Prayer – support for individuals and families.

2)  Training:

  • Families (basic care needs and education on related disabilities)
  • Care professionals (i.e., therapists, counsellors, etc.)
  • Trainers – sustainability is the key.  The Khmer people must learn to train and support their own development and training. Outside specialists will train Khmer trainers that will then pass on their skills and educate other Khmer persons for this center and for individuals throughout the nation. Eventually, we would like to build training services for-profit that will support the non-profit elements of care for children.

3)  Education:

Special needs education will be offered to all children with intellectual disabilities that are living in Operation Justice Children’s Homes.  The rehabilitation center will also offer group counselling and education classes for children in challenged situations, especially those with mental disabilities.  Classes will offer group dynamics for special needs children (will meet with non-special needs children one time per month) and will teach international standards for education.  Current national standards for mentally disabled children are extremely low (i.e., few Down Syndrome children can even speak).

We are currently raising funds and preparing structures for our Operation Justice Rehabilitation Center. If you would like to pioneer this work with us, pray about partnering with us.

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