Almost 30 million people are living as slaves worldwide . . . but there is hope.

We can see an end to modern-day slavery in our lifetime!

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Help End Human Trafficking

We believe in the power of God’s love to save, heal, and restore all. Human trafficking affects every nation, people group, and socioeconomic status. Everyday men, women, and children are trafficked for sex, labor, and begging worldwide. Countless millions are crying out right now for rescue from poverty, oppression, and bondage. Children around the world are looking for advocates who will hear their cry. XP Missions is committed to bringing God’s light into the darkness. You can be a part of the transformation of nations – one life at a time.

There is hope. Be a part of the solution.

You are never too old or too young to be a part. Be inspired by the Girls of Courage. They are making a difference – one child at a time.


Have you ever talked with a friend on a topic and then over the course of the next few days, it keeps popping up in different ways? That’s what happened to me over this past week. I was sharing with a friend about vulnerability one night and then the very next morning...

Super Powers

Many of us desire to walk in miracles like Jesus did. Personally, I have been pressing in more and more for this since moving to Cambodia. My desire is for the beautiful Khmer people to see God’s outrageous love and compassion for them in tangible ways through His...

Joy to the World!

It’s Christmas time around the world. Joy, Joy Joy!!! Yes, that is the message that is portrayed by decorations, television, Facebook, radio, and friends. Everywhere you look there is expectation and wonder and joy projected. I love the season, the anticipation, and...

When Love Grows Cold

“Get in, get out,” I had been subconsciously repeating this phrase while weaving through what seemed like endless alleys of claustrophobic shops. My ponytail was a mess from my motorcycle helmet, my clothes were sticky with sweat and my eyes were near lifeless as I...

Breaking Chains

We need to be an example of living in freedom through Christ and pray to break off addictions that are trying to overcome our brothers and sisters.

Impact Cambodia!


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